About Working for Us

Worcestershire County Council

We are one of the largest and most progressive employers in the region, with over 13,500 staff and an annual turnover in excess of £770million. We serve over 500,000 citizens living in Worcestershire, providing a huge range of services. We are a pioneering, industrious and influential organisation. Courageous Leadership has enabled us to make savings of almost £98million in the last four years. The pressure to cut costs has prompted vast and creative organisational change, allowing us to streamline processes and systems and cut costs, but with a clear focus on achieving better outcomes for residents, businesses and communities. Engagement and communication with all stakeholders has been absolutely vital. More than 35,000 local people have had their say and informed the development of our four priorities, so that budgets can be focused on what local people have said is important to them:

  • Championing Open for Business
  • Supporting Children and Families
  • Protecting The Environment
  • Promoting Health and Well-being