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This policy forms part of the Worcestershire Transport Asset Management Plan (TAMP) and sets out Worcestershire County Council’s approach to the provision of commercially focussed signage on the highway.

Update 1 October 2018

Due to the number of successful applicants this year, we will not be taking any further applications for the financial year 2018/19. Please do not send in your application or £100, until April 2019, when we will be happy to review applications again. For temporary events, think about utilising yellow temporary signs from "AA" or "A&G" signs (others firms are available).


There are over 23,000 businesses in the County. Signing all of these businesses would be not be appropriate and would significantly add to street clutter, with associated safety and physical access issues. Additionally, current guidance suggests that street clutter (caused by excessive and inappropriate signage and infrastructure) is to be avoided at all costs.

The legislation set out in the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (2016) determines the type of signage that the Authority is permitted to erect on the highway to both minimise clutter and ensure highway signage is prominent. It is expected that businesses will provide adequate directions to visitors through communications, marketing and advertisement. Additionally, with the growth of SATNAV directional devices, the requirement for business direction signage has significantly diminished. Nonetheless, Worcestershire County Council wishes to support local businesses wherever opportunities arise, recognising the County's priority to be "Open for Business".


Through a relaxed and creative interpretation of the signage regulations, several ways of permitting business signage have been developed as indicated below. A balance has been pursued that manages sign distraction and clutter, whilst allowing business signage which benefits the maximum number of businesses and visitors, supporting the local economy. To this end, permanent signage can now be considered for businesses attracting large non-regular visitor numbers (10,000+) or where numerous smaller businesses are co-located. Individually located businesses can pursue temporary signage for certain purposes. Currently, all such signage is deemed surplus to legal or traffic management requirements and so needs to be funded by the businesses concerned.

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