About our new website

We've launched a new and improved Worcestershire County Council website. You'll see a new design, a more logical structure and the use of plain language. The site also works seamlessly across devices, from computers to smartphones.

To make sure our website is continually improving, we would like to develop a user feedback group where you can have your say on our website and provide views and preferences on any future developments.

This will be a continuous process, where we will engage with the group through online surveys and occasional face to face focus groups. If you would like to express an interest in joining the user feedback group, please complete our short survey.

Why have we redeveloped the website?

The needs of our residents are the focus for everything we’ve done. Every change we’ve made should make it easier for you to find information or service you want.

Before designing the layout of our site we did a lot of work to discover how our visitors are looking at and looking for information on our website. We know our previous site was considered busy and difficult to navigate. So to start with, we’ve simply cut down on the amount of web pages on the site to make it easier and quicker to find the right information.

Our website users also visit the website from lots of different devices. In fact, in 2013, around a third of visits were from people using their mobile phone or tablet. To make sure the new website is easier to use, we have tested it with users at every step using different devices.

We have also taken inspiration from the government's GOV.UK website and their customer-focused approach. This includes designing the website's layout around how people use the internet and the devices they use to access sites, to the clear and simple design and use of plain language.

How have we involved residents?

As well as gathering resident feedback on their experiences of our previous website, we have been engaging with residents by surveying a resident focus group and conducting user testing.

The focus group was asked to give their views and preferences on the layout and design elements of the website. We have used the groups' views and preferences to develop and drive the final design of our new website.

How can you be involved?

We want to continue to develop and improve our residents' experience of using our online services. If you would like to take part in our user feedback group, please complete our short survey.