Peer Review

Peer Review 2016

The County Council underwent a Peer Review back in April 2016, during which we were visited by a Peer Challenge team led by the Chief Executive of Suffolk County Council. The aim of the review was for us to gain an external insight into how we work and how things have moved on since our last Peer Review in 2012.

A Peer Review is not an inspection. To gather this feedback, the team uses their experience and knowledge of local government to reflect on the information provided to them through meetings, observations and additional material based around five key themes.

Our peer review team spent a number of days on site at the County Council. During that time they spoke to more than 120 people, including council staff, councillors and external partners and stakeholders and attended more than 40 meetings.

The final report was very positive. It recognised that notable progress and developments have been made over the past four years and also highlighted areas for improvement. This feedback will now be included in our future plans.

Download the report