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Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Improving the public's health and reducing inequalities

Local authorities and local health services are required to undertake Joint Strategic Needs Assessments of health and well-being. This work is a continuous process of assessment designed to inform decisions made locally about what services are commissioned. The core aim is to improve the public's health and reduce inequalities.

Findings from the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and public consultation are used to produce a Joint Health and Well-being Strategy through Worcestershire's Health and Well-being Board.

Download the Statutory Guidance on the Joint Strategic Needs Assessments and Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategies.

Useful Websites

Useful websites relating to health and wellbeing.

Training for Professionals

JSNA workshops are available free of charge and will be of interest to people working within organisations with an interest in Worcestershire's health and wellbeing and who would like to know more about the Worcestershire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and other selected sources of public health information. 

For more information on the workshop please contact Jenny Shepherd: Tel 01905 844801 or email JShepherd2@worcestershire.gov.uk.


For JSNA enquiries please contact:

Janette Fulton
Information Analyst Principal
Tel: 01905 843359 or Email: jfulton@worcestershire.gov.uk

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Worcestershire County Economic Summary

Each month the Research and Marketing Unit produce the Worcestershire County Economic Summary which looks at the latest unemployment figures, economic news and indicators, and unemployment data.

Population Statistics and Projections

The Research and Marketing unit holds information on the population of Worcestershire and produces population projections for Worcestershire and the 6 districts.

Public Health Annual Report 2014 - Health Inequalities

Public health annual reports have been a statutory requirement of Directors of Public Health (DsPH) for many years and this has not changed with the move of Public Health back into Local Authorities under the Health & Social Care Act 2012. The annual report is not a statement about the policy of the organisation for which they work, but is a personal assessment of the health of the population they serve. It is there to raise concerns about health problems or poor outcomes in the local area, to assess progress against local Public Health objectives and inform local multi-agency action.

Health Impact Assessment in Planning Toolkit

A Health Impact Assessment is an assessment which ensures that the effect of development on both health and health inequalities of the local population are considered and responded to during the planning process. 

In March 2015, the Worcestershire Health Improvement Group, a sub-group of the Health and Wellbeing Board, adopted the development of Health Impact Assessments (HIAs) as a tool for use in influencing the planning process across Worcestershire. Since then, the Public Health team is supporting Worcestershire County Council (WCC) to enable Local Planning Authorities to take this approach forward through policy and delivery routes.

A Health Impact Assessment in Planning Toolkit has been developed to enable planners to embed health impact considerations in their practice.  

The Toolkit aims to aid the preparation of HIAs in planning related projects, including the development of planning policy and planning applications. It provides guidance on the HIA process and demonstrates how it can be used. It also helps to identify aspects of the built environment which impact the health of Worcestershire's residents.