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Safe Walking

Safe Walking

Safe walking

Walking is an enjoyable pastime that should be approached with safety in mind. The Highway Code provides clear advice to all pedestrians.

The main things to remember are:
  • Use pavement or footpaths if available.
  • If no pavement or footpath is available, walk on the right hand side of the road, so that you can see oncoming traffic.
  • Wear something light coloured, bright or fluorescent in poor daylight or at night.
  • Take care of young children whilst walking.
  • You may not hear traffic clearly if you are using a mobile phone or MP3 player.
  • Use the Green Cross Code to cross all roads
    • Think first – find the safest place to cross
    • Stop – stand on the pavement near the kerb
    • Use your eyes and ears – look all around for traffic and listen
    • Wait until it’s safe to cross if traffic is coming, let it pass
    • Look and listen – when it’s safe, walk straight across the road
    • Arrive alive – keep looking and listening for traffic whilst you cross.

Personal Safety

Although incidents of personal attacks are very rare, if you are walking on your own, take the following precautions:
  • Plan your route so that you don’t look lost.
  • Carry a mobile phone and personal attack alarm with you.
  • Stick to busy, well-lit places.

Walking With Children

The Walking With Children page contains information for parents about making sure they children are safe when walking and properly prepared.

Further Information

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External websites

  • Walking the way to Health 
    An initiative of the British Heart Foundation and the Countryside Agency that aims to get more people walking in their own communities on a regular basis.
  • British Heart Foundation
    For advice on improving your health through a more active lifestyle.
  • Ordnance Survey
    For local and national maps and advise on reading maps, including teaching children to read maps.
  • Natural England
    Natural England is the government’s advisor on the natural environment.
  • Rambles Association
    Information on forest walks and the ramblers association.

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