Planning for Climate Change

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Addressing the challenges we face from climate change is a key priority for planning. Effective spatial planning can help provide a response to the challenges faced by providing a framework for sustainable growth.

Worcestershire County Council works with partner organisations to explore opportunities to adapt and mitigate for the effects of predicted future climate change.

Planning for climate changeTechnical Research Paper

Planning for climate change (PDF 2.7 MB)

This research paper is intended to give a summary of the evidence and policies that can be a useful tool in preparing to address future predicted climate change.

The paper considers policy drivers and looks at issues of biodiversity, water resource, energy and flood risk. For further information please follow the link.


Technical Research Paper consultation responses (PDF 104 KB)

A consultation on the 'Planning for Climate Change in Worcestershire' Technical Research Paper took place in 2008.

Details of consultation comments received, together with Worcestershire County Council's officer responses, can be viewed by following the link.

Future Work

The Planning for Climate Change in Worcestershire Technical Research Paper considered a number of areas of future work.

This included investigating the potential for a future countywide Green Infrastructure Framework.

Further information about work on planning for Green Infrastructure can be found on the Planning Green Infrastructure page.