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Glossary - C


Term Description
CA Carers Allowance  - Taxable benefit for people who are giving regular and substantial care to a severely disabled person who is in receipt of the qualifying benefit.
CAB Citizens Advice Bureau – Helps people resolve their legal, money and other problems by providing free information and advice.
CAF Contact a Family - Provides advice, information and support to the parents of all  disabled children.
Care Package A collective name for the service(s) a person can expect to receive following assessment.
Carer A person providing care who is not employed to do so by an agency or organisation.  A carer is often a relative or friend looking after someone at home who is frail or ill; the carer can be of any age.
Care Trusts A type of NHS body, which combines NHS healthcare services and certain delegated functions from local authorities, including personal social services.
Care Management Care Management is used in social services to describe the role, usually taken by qualified social workers.  It describes processes undertaken when an individual's care needs are assessed and appropriate services are provided.  Care management includes: making available information about possible help; determining the level of assessment to be undertaken once a person has been referred to social services; assessing their needs; developing a care plan that describes services to meet their needs; implementing the care plan; and monitoring and reviewing the care plan.
Care Programme Approach (CPA) A system for coordinating the needs assessment and care planning of people with mental health needs, especially those with more complex needs. The national policy expectation is that CPA will be integrated with the Single Assessment Process (see Single Assessment Process)
CCG Community Care Grant – Social fund to help buy furniture etc
Choice and Control
This is Worcestershire County Council's response to the Government's reforms of Adult Social Care as laid out in the 'Putting People First' agenda.  These reforms aim to give those seeking support, along with their carers, a social care service that is better suited to meet their individual needs
The rights and responsibilities of being part of the community and involved in public life and affairs.
CCG Community Care Grant – Social fund to help buy furniture etc.
Client Also referred to as service user. This is the person receiving the housing related support service.
Client Group A needs based category, e.g. ‘older people’ or ‘single homeless’ used to help the Supporting People teams to monitor the different types of people that are accessing services, and identify where there is need for new services.
CLS Community Legal Services -Brings together the various types of legal help and information provided and is funded by a wide range of public, private, voluntary and charitable organisations.
Commissioning The process of specifying, securing and monitoring services to meet people's needs at a strategic level. This applies to all services, whether they are provided by a local authority, NHS, other public agencies or by the private or voluntary sectors.
Commissioning Body (CB) The Commissioning Body is made up of representatives from all of the partners involved in a service. The Commissioning Body has overall strategic responsibility for the service within Worcestershire. 
Community care Care or support provided by social services departments and/or the NHS to assist people in their day-to-day living.
Connect Community Support service for adults with P.D, also run drop-in centres.
Contract A mutual agreement enforceable by law.
Contract Monitoring Contract monitoring is the regular process undertaken by Administering Authorities to ensure that providers comply with the requirements of the contract and are performing effectively. Contract monitoring is an extremely important process as it provides regular information to update authorities’ understanding of the quality and effectiveness of services.
Putting the purchasing of services in a legally binding agreement.
CP Cerebral Palsy - Physical impairment that affects movement.
CPA Comprehensive Performance Assessment -Assesses the performance of Authorities and the services that they provide for local people.
CPN Community Psychiatric Nurse.
CRB Criminal Records Bureau – to check records of staff.
CSV Community Service Volunteer.
CSW Community Support Worker.
CVA Cerebrovascular Accident e.g. Stroke.


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