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Glossary - B


Term Description
Bandings Part of the Resource Allocation System (RAS).  A series of questions about an individual's needs identifies a score which, when related to a series of bandings, enables an indicative allowance to be identified.
Benchmarking A comparison of similar services by quality performance and cost.
Benchmarking groups Organisations working together formally to review and compare performance and processes and share good practice.
Best Value A duty on local authorities to assess and review the services they provide for local people and improve them by the best means available. This must be done in consultation with the people who use the services and the wider local community.
BILD British Institute of Learning Disabilities
Block Contract A contract, which guarantees a given volume of business with the service provider, usually enabling the contractor to obtain a reduction in the unit cost of service, provided.
Block Gross Contract A contract for a short term support service. Payments are made for a fixed number of service users.
Block Subsidy Contract  A contract for a support service which is long-term or permanent, e.g. sheltered housing. Grant payments to the provider will vary, depending on how many people receiving the support service qualify for the subsidy at any given time. Providers tell the Supporting People team on a monthly basis who has moved in and out of their service, and the subsidy payment is adjusted accordingly.
Brokerage There are two types of brokerage that we are working on as part of our transformation of services:
  • Support Brokerage (also known as Care Navigation)
    This is where you would receive support from a social care professional to take as much control over your support as you can and as much as you choose to.  You will know your individual allocation of funding and will have identified the outcomes you want and need to achieve in order to be as independent as you can and to maintain and enhance your health and wellbeing.  Your support broker can assist you with the writing up of your support plan.
  • Service Brokerage
    This takes place after the Support Plan has been agreed and when services need to be put in place. Service Brokers will deal directly with the service providers if you do not want to make your own arrangements with the provider.

Brokers will source and negotiate with service providers to secure the most appropriate and effective provision as determined in the support plan.  Working cooperatively with social work colleagues, the Brokerage team will work to ensure that you receive the best service available for your support needs.

Service Brokerage will have close links with the Contracts and Commissioning team to ensure that communication about service provision – additional requirements, service user feedback, quality issues – are fed back to the team.  Service Brokers will also be responsible for amending purchases of existing services and ending services when requested to do so.


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