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School Admissions

2015 to 2016 Academic Year

School Admissions

If you live in Worcestershire and your child is due to start school in Reception or to transfer from First to Middle school or Primary/Middle to High school during the school year 2014/2015, then you must apply to Worcestershire County Council for his or her school place – the opening and closing dates for applications are as below.

 Application Timetable


Timetable for Admissions and Transfers Intakes for September 2015

School Phase

First/Primary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools

Applications Open on

1st September 2014

1st September 2014

1st September 2014

Closing Dates

15th January 2015

15th January 2015

31st October 2014

School Offer Notification Dates  16th April 2015 16th April 2015 1st March 2015

N.B.  The guidance above is for applications for September 2015 intake only. 
Information is available here if you wish to make application for an existing year transfer during the academic year 2014/2015.

mouseApply Online

Please note that the on-line application process for all school applications for the 2015 intake is now open. 

If you still need to make an application for First/Primary, Middle or High School, please print and complete the relevant Late Application Form 2014 which can be found at the bottom of this page.

School Admissions Apply Online

 2015/2016 Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme and Admission Policies for Schools in Worcestershire

 Parents of Children Resident Outside Worcestershire

If you wish to apply for a place at any Worcestershire school, you must complete an application provided by your "home" LA. (The "home" LA is defined as the Local Authority relevant to the child's home address).  The "home" LA will ensure that the application details are passed onto Worcestershire LA for consideration in the allocation of school places.

If you are not resident in Worcestershire, then you should obtain admission details from your home LA, even if your preferences include schools within Worcestershire.

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