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Hartlebury Closed Landfill Site

Whitelenge Lane, Hartlebury, Worcestershire

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Hartlebury Landfill site occupies an area of 8.3 hectares and is located approximately 1km west of Hartlebury.  It was filled with approximately 723 200m3 of waste with an average depth of 10m.  The site was originally quarried for clay and this was used for brick making as far back as the early 1900's.

The site was first landfilled in 1984 by the County Council and ceased operating in April 1991. The site primarily accepted domestic and non-hazardous commercial waste. Volumes of waste brick-making materials and clay tailings were also periodically introduced by Baggeridge Brick plc.

The site was constructed into the excavated Mercia Mudstone with the site base founded on in-situ strata, therefore creating a dilute and disperse site.

The site has an active gas control system.   In 2009 the gas control system was updated with new internal wells and pipework The control system comprises of fifty-one internal wells linked to a flare stack that burns off the landfill gas in a controlled manner, this ensures that the potential for gas migration is kept to a minimum. Leachate is also pumped from the site and tankered away for treatment and disposal, thus safeguarding the surrounding environment.

Hartlebury 1986Hartlebury 2002

                      June 1986                                     October 2002

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