Marketing & Communications Unit

 The County Council's Press Office consists of three officers dedicated to responding to media enquiries and providing the media with up-to-date and relevant media releases to keep people informed about the services that affect them.

Marketing and Communications

The Marketing & Communications team works with service areas to ensure that they reach the right people at the right time in the most accurate, efficient and cost-effective ways. The team deal with advertising, social media and public roadshows.

To contact a member of the marketing team, email

The Marketing and Communications Team use a combination of central and devolved resources to deliver marketing and communications services. In practice, this means that we have a strong central team and a number of dedicated officers based in services areas where there's a particular need. This approach strikes a balance between the need for co-ordinated, council-wide consistency and the need for a specific, specialist focus on certain subjects.

Ultimately, all of our marketing and communications are led by our County Councillors and Chief Officers. The main messages and methods are determined at the highest level and delivered by officers throughout the council.

On a day-to-day basis, our Marketing & Communications Manager based in the central Marketing & Communications Unit is responsible for getting these messages across in liaison with staff in all directorates. These are the general principles that underpin the Marketing & Communication Unit's role.