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Regulation Investigatory Power

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000

Signature and penThis Council is committed to working for the overall good of the people of Worcestershire, which will include carrying out appropriate investigations into allegations or concerns.  Very occasionally, this will require us to gather information in respect of individuals who may be unaware of what we are doing (eg. for suspected offences) through covert surveillance or the acquisition of communications data.  In doing so, we want to draw a fair balance between the public interest and the rights of individuals.

In order to achieve that balance, the Council wishes to take into account and comply with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) and the Human Rights Act 1998.  This Procedure sets out the Council's approach to covert surveillance and the acquisition of communications data issues falling within the framework of RIPA in order to ensure consistency, balance and fairness.  This approach will provide additional protection and safeguards where these covert activities are likely to cause us to obtain what is called "private information" about individuals or where we go 'undercover' in certain circumstances.  This Procedure also makes it clear to the public what checks and balances will apply.

Policy Manual - Contents

1.      Summary of Legal Provision (PDF 29 KB) 

2.      Flowcharts (PDF 720 KB) 

3.      Procedure for Covert Surveillance and Acquisition of Communications Data (PDF 119 KB)

4. Covert Surveillance and Property Interference – Revised Code of Practice (2010)

5. Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS) – Code of Practice (2010)

6. Acquisition and Disclosure of Communications Data – Code of Practice (2007)

7.      Office of Surveillance Commissioners (PDF 939 KB) – Procedures and Guidance (Dec 2011)

8.        Home Office Guidance on the Judicial Approval Process for RIPA (Oct 2012) 

9.        List of Authorising Officers (PDF 5 KB)

10.      Application Forms

  • Application to carry out Directed Surveillance
  • Application for authorisation of the use or conduct of CHIS Intelligence Source
  • Electronic Application for Acquisition of Communications Date
  • Electronic Notice/Authorisation of Acquisition of Communication Data
  • Application for Judicial Approval for both initial and renewal applications

11.    Review Forms

  • Review of a Directed Surveillance Authorisation
  • Review of a CHIS Authorisation

12.     Renewal Forms

  • Application for renewal of Directed Surveillance Authorisation
  • Application for renewal of a CHIS Authorisation

13.     Cancellation Forms

  • Cancellation of a Directed Surveillance Authorisation
  • Cancellation of an Authorisation for the Use of Conduct of a CHIS
  • Cancellation of a Notice for Acquisition of Communications Data (to be sent to communications provider)
  • Cancellation of Authorisation of Acquisition of Communications Data (to be  completed when cancelling a request fro Communications Data and kept internally)

14.      Reporting of Errors Forms

  • Reporting of an Error by Communications Services Provider to the IOCCO
  • Reporting an Error by a Local Authority to the IOCCO

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