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Advisory Lorry Route Map for Worcestershire (3rd Edition)

Worcestershire Freight Quality Partnership has developed an Advisory Lorry Route map which highlights information such as industrial estates, HGV fuel filling sites, lorry parking and lay-bys and their relation to the lorry route network.

In our latest edition we now have the key in the following languages, English, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish, German, to reflect the increasing number of foreign Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV) now visiting the county.

Sectioned Front Page

freight page 1 freight page2 freight page3 Freight page4
Freight page5 Freight page6 Freight page7 Freight page8

Sectioned Back Page

Freight map page 2

Section A (PDF 242 KB) | Section B (PDF 242 KB) | Section C (PDF 242 KB) | Section D (PDF 242 KB) |
Section E (PDF 242 KB) | Section F (PDF 242 KB)
| Section G (PDF 242 KB) | Section H (PDF 242 KB) | Section J (PDF 242 KB) | Section K (PDF 242 KB) |
Section L (PDF 242 KB)

Vale of Evesham Advisory Lorry Route Map

The Vale of Evesham Freight Quality Partnership has been formed to look at specific issues associated with Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV).

Worcestershire County Council works in partnership with Gloucestershire County Council and Warwickshire County Council together with the Freight Transport Association and the Road Haulage Association.

Sectioned Front Page

Vale Section 1 map Vale Section 2 Vale Section 3 Vale Section 4
Vale Section 5 Vale Section 6 Vale Section 7 Vale Section 8

Sectioned Back Page

Vale Back Section

Section A (PDF 489 KB) | Section B (PDF 489 KB) | Section C (PDF 489 KB) | Section D (PDF 489 KB) |
Section E (PDF 489 KB) | Section F (PDF 489 KB)
Fish Hill (PDF 489KB) | Top Cover (PDF 489 KB) | Bottom cover (PDF 463 KB)

Kidderminster Town Centre Delivery Map

This map is designed to help Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) drivers find there way to their delivery easier and quicker by showing a town centre divided into Zones.

The shop or retail business would add the zone number to its delivery address when placing an order.  The roads around the zones are signed with the correct routing to show drivers the correct way into each delivery zone.

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