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Interpretation and Translation

Interpretation and Translation

All the councils that provide services within Worcestershire want to make sure that every customer can find the information and access the services they need.

People with physical, sensory and learning disabilities and those whose first language is not English should be able to contact us in a way that is right for them. We aim to make it as easy as possible to ensure this is the case.

We do not translate documents into any language unless there are special circumstances. If you need help to understand particular documents, we can arrange for an interpreter to assist you.

Induction Loops

Induction loops are fitted in all our Worcestershire Hub Customer Service Centres, and in the Council Chamber at County Hall. If you require an induction loop at a meeting you are attending then please contact the organiser of the event.

Sign Language

All the councils in Worcestershire will provide sign language interpreting at public meetings and meetings with customers on request.

If you do not speak English as your first language

We can help you to get the information you need in your language. If you, or someone who can speak for you, call us, we can arrange for an interpreter to be present either for a telephone conversation or a face to face meeting.

Most of the interpreters we use will have a nationally recognised qualifications and we will ensure that everything you tell us is completely private. If complete privacy is not possible, we will tell you at the time, and explain the reasons why.

How to Contact Us

If you need information in another format, e.g electronically, large print or on audio tape, or need to understand a document or information in your language then please telephone the Worcestershire Hub on 01905 765765.

To find out what customers can expect from our translation and interpretation select from the documents below.


Q. Do I have to pay for either interpretation or translation?
A.  Interpretation services are provided for you by us. Translation costs depend on the material you have asked for, but we would not usually charge for translations.

Q. How quickly can you arrange for an interpreter for me?
A. We will arrange for an interpreter for a time which is suitable for everyone. This will be as quickly as possible and includes outside of office hours in an emergency.

Q. How long will it take for me to receive the translation I have asked for?
A. It will depend on the size of the document you have requested and we will endeavour for this to be as quickly as possible.

Q. Can you arrange for an interpreter to be present in my home when council staff visit me?
A. If you need help when council staff visit you, notify us of this when we arrange the appointment and we will make sure an interpreter is present.

Q. Where can I learn English?
A. English (ESOL) classes are available throughout the County. You can phone the County Council's Adult Learning service on 01905 728887 or contact your local college direct for more information.

Cantonese Flag Cantonese Interpretation Document


Poland Flag Polish Interpretation Document

Polski – aby dowiedzieć się czego klienci mogą oczekiwać od naszych tłumaczeń ustnych i pisemnych – prosimy kliknąć tutaj

Urdu Flag Urdu Interpretation Document

اردو – صارفین ہماری ترجمانی اور ترجمہ کی خدمات سے کیا امید کر سکتے ہیں – براہ کرم یہاں کلک کریں

Bengali Flag Bengali Interpretation Document


Urdu Flag Punjabi Interpretation Document


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