Emergency Planning

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. What is an emergency?

    For the purpose of this website an emergency is defined under the Civil Contingencies Act (2004) as:

    An event or situation that threatens serious damage to:

    According to Emergency Response and Recovery from Gov.uk, in order to constitute an emergency, an event or situation must additionally require the implementation of special arrangements by one or more category one responders.

  2. Q. What is a hazard?

    A. A hazard is a phenomenon either natural or human-made that has the potential to cause harm to society or  pose a threat to the normality of daily life.

  3. Q. What is risk?

    A. In the context of emergency preparedness, risks are those hazards (i.e. non-malicious events such as flooding) or threats which could adversely affect an organisation and its ability to carry out its functions. Risk is a function of the likelihood and impact of a given hazard or threat. This reflects, on the one hand the possibility of an emergency occurring which could adversely affect the community (e.g. flooding or industrial accident). And on the other hand, the extent to which the event impacts upon the community or an organisation (e.g. disruption to power supply and damage to infrastructure).

  4. Q. What is the National Risk Register?

    A. The National Risk Register provides details of the risk displayed in the Risk Matrix and what actions are implemented to mitigate their impacts.

  5. Q. What is the Community Risk Register?

    A. The West Mercia Community Risk Register has been created to provide public information about hazards identified which could potentially have an impact upon the West Mercia Police Force Area. 

    The difference between the national and the Community Risk Register is that the community is focused on the local issues in detail and the national looks at the generic risk that affect the whole of the UK.

    The register has been published in response to the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 on the West Mercia LRF Website.