Real Success Stories

Steve's Story

Steve used heroin for a few years back in the late nineties. He was off heroin for about 8-years but relapsed in 2009. He found it difficult to function, missing time off work and keeping it all from his family. He was buying “street medication” at times but didn’t want to tell his doctor or family as he felt he had let them down after years off the heroin. He came to the drug service at the end of 2009 accompanied by another family member. Facing up to needing help was the hardest thing to deal with, but from this point he describes his journey as all uphill. He has been discouraged at times, but knew it was “do or die” and kept going even through some very difficult personal problems. He says “I can’t praise the Subutex highly enough”, previously he had tried methadone but this still left him with very dark moods. Support of the service was important, so was family. He tries to encourage others he comes into contact with to give Subutex a chance to work and get help. He has been off the medication now for over two months and completely off heroin since 2010. He is back working full time running his own construction business and has good relationships with his family. He still contacts the service for support from time to time, but cannot see himself going backwards.