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Night Cycling

Cycling at Night

With a few essential items such as a good set of lights, some reflective clothing and reflectors on your bike there's nothing to stop you peddling the night away!

Follow these helpful hints to stay safe when cycling in the dark:

In order to cycle in the dark you will need a set of lights. This is the law. Check they work before you set off each time and wipe the lenses clean to ensure they are as bright as they can be. You will need a white light for the front and a red light for the rear.

Wear reflective clothing or strips at night. Hi-Viz clothing will normally use a combination of fluorescent fabric and reflective strips.

It is illegal to cycle on the road during the period from sunset to sunrise without a back red reflector on your bike. Make sure that it is clean so that other road users can see you. In addition to a rear reflector and front and rear lights it is a requirement to have amber reflectors on the pedals. We also strongly recommend that you use white reflectors on both wheels (white and amber reflectors should come as standard on any bike bought after 1985).

If you use a dynamo remember that if you stop the lights stop too! A couple of small lights to compliment the dynamo will ensure that you are seen at traffic lights or when you are stationary.

Traffic isn't the only hazard at night, animals, pedestrians dressed in black, and cyclists heading in the wrong direction with no lights might surprise you in the dark. Look for them carefully, and give them wide berth when you see them. Also remember that it's harder to see potholes in the dark!

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