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A - Z of Resident Services:

Severn Card Student Bus Pass

A multi-operator bus pass available to Worcestershire residents under the age of 19, and students of the sponsor colleges.

What is the Severn Card?

The Severn Card is a multi-operator bus pass, allowing the holder of the pass to travel on any bus service included within the scheme during term time.

  • Multi-operator student bus pass
  • Valid 24/7 on most bus services in Worcestershire
  • For students aged under 19, or mature students of sponsor colleges
  • Can be bought as an Annual, Termly or Half-Termly pass (blue pass)
  • Can also be bought as an Annual Discount Card (orange pass), allowing special bus fares each time you board the bus
  • There are 3 different “Zones” of travel (see below for full details):
  • Zone 1 : Urban Zone
  • Zone 2 : UrbanPLUS
  • Zone 3 : Countywide

What bus services accept the Severn Card

  • Download the latest Severn Card Service List as at February 2014 - This list is currently being updated and wil be published shortly.

How does it work?

Annual, Termly and Half-Termly Passes

Some students may receive a FREE Severn Card if they are entitled to subsidised travel assistance under the County Council’s Home-to-School Transport Policy, and they need to travel by bus to their school / college.

Other students will need to pay the appropriate Annual, Termly or Half-Termly rate (see reverse) for the Zone in which they wish to travel to receive their Severn Card.

Once you have an Annual, Termly or Half-Termly pass, simply add your photo, seal the pass, then show it to the bus driver each time you travel. There will be nothing to pay on the bus.

Annual Discount Card

Some students, particularly those on a part-time programme or those only travelling one-way, will prefer to pay each time they travel rather than paying a larger amount upfront.

For only £25.00, you can buy an Annual Discount Card which then entitles you to special rate fares (see reverse) each time you travel.

How do I get a Severn Card?


Complete an online application at

By Telephone

Call the Worcestershire Hub on 01905 765 765 to request an application form.

By Download

You can download our Severn Card Application Forms from:

and post them to:

Education Travel Team,
Worcestershire County Council,
Pavilion H1,
County Hall,
Spetchley Road,

Please note, if you lose your Severn Card at any point in the year, you will need to pay £20 for a replacement pass.

Pre-Paid Passes

You can purchase the following Severn Cards in advance:

  • Half-Termly valid term-time only
  • Termly valid term-time, and also during the half-term holiday
  • Annual valid from 1st Sept to 31st Aug, inclusive of all school/college holidays including the Summer

You can also pay for an Annual pass by monthly direct debit (9 payments, from September to May*. Mandates must be returned by August 30th 2013).

All of the above can be purchased for any of the 3 Zones (see table below for description of Zones).

  Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
Annual £280 £447 £547
Annual  (9 X DD*) £33 £53 £64
Termly £100 £159 £192
Half-Termly £55 £85 £101

Annual Discount Card

For only £25.00 per annum you can buy a Severn Card Annual Discount Card, which entitles you to special rate fares on most local bus services. (Valid from 1st Sept to 31st Aug, and at same rate no matter when in the year you buy the card

Zone 1 : Urban Zone(£1.00 per journey)

View the Severn Card Zone 1 maps.

Travel within the boundaries of urban areas:

  • Bromsgrove (inc. Catshill)
  • Droitwich
  • Evesham
  • Wyre Forest Towns (travel anywhere between Kidderminster, Bewdley and Stourport)
  • Malvern
  • Pershore
  • Redditch
  • Worcester City (inc. Norton Barracks)

Zone 2 : Urbanplus Zone (£1.50 per journey)

View the Severn Card Zone 2 maps.

  • Travel between neighbouring towns (i.e. Evesham to Pershore, or Droitwich to Worcester)


  • Travel from a village in to the nearest town (i.e. Hallow to Worcester, or Wychbold to Bromsgrove)

Zone 3 : Countywide Zone (£2.00 per journey)

  • Travel within the boundaries of Worcestershire

Operator's own bus fares

In some instances it may be more economical for students to pay a bus operator’s own bus fare.

Bus fares vary greatly across Worcestershire and we strongly suggest you undertake your own research to decide whether a pre-paid Severn Card or the special rate fares are indeed the best value for your circumstances.

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