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Big Tree Plant Campaign

Big Tree Plant Campaign

Big Tree Plant Campaign

In December 2010 the Government launched a campaign to plant a million trees across England by 2015. Grants are available to community groups who want to plant new trees in their city, town or village.

Access the Big Tree Plant Application Form (PDF 208 KB)

As the campaign gets underway the Forestry Commission Big Tree Plant website will also provide information on previous successful applications that you could use for inspiration as well as reporting on progress towards the big One Million

The Worcestershire Woodland Guidelines website provides information on choosing which tree species to plant in your area and guidance on the landscape aspects of tree and woodland planting in Worcestershire

Who is the Funding Scheme Available to?

The Big Tree Plant aims to increase the number of trees being planted in towns, cities and residential areas across the country, by supporting community groups and organisations to establish or expand projects to plant and care for trees.

In support of this, The Big Tree Plant funding scheme is available to any group of individuals who come together to undertake action to improve their environment through tree planting. Applicants need to be part of a community-led, not for profit organisation. You should be able to show that there is a long-term commitment in your community for caring for the trees once they are planted. The Big Tree Plant funding scheme is not intended for individuals or local authorities (unless they are members of a community partnership).

What are the Criteria for Applications?

The Big Tree Plant grant scheme is intended to fund work such as undertaking a site survey and accessing expert advice as well as the trees, planting materials, labour and tree care and maintenance.

Applications to the funding scheme will be assessed against specific criteria which are listed in the application form. Projects may be eligible for funding if they will do all of these:

  • Plant trees in neighbourhoods in England where people live and work.
  • Involve the local community and provide benefits to people in the neighbourhood.
  • Plant individual street trees, small groups of trees in green spaces, or other neighbourhood tree planting.
  • Have in place a method for ensuring the trees are cared for in the future.
  • Get the support and permission of the landowner where trees are to be planted.
  • Be run by a group or organisation that represents the interests of the local community and is non-governmental and non-profit distributing.
  • Start and finish the work we are funding sometime between 1 May 2011 and 31 March 2015.

What are the Minimum / Maximum Amounts of Funding?

The minimum level of application is £500. The maximum amount of funding for any one project will normally be £25,000.

Is Matching Funding Required?

Matched funding is not absolutely necessary, but the panel assessing the applications will favour those schemes that have secured some. Matched funding of at least 25% will normally be looked for. Volunteer time will be accepted as part of the matched funding.

What Locations Can We Plant In?

The funding scheme will be open to all planting in urban and other residential areas, but applications will be particularly encouraged for projects in deprived areas with little current greenery.

Campaign-funded planting could be on streets or in publicly accessible green spaces. Projects may be considered on privately owned land or land that is not publicly accessible such as school grounds as long as they provide benefits to local people and involve the local community in the project.

If a project location is specified with an application, written permission from the landowner must also be provided. Projects will be considered where the exact location is not yet known. In such cases, it will be a condition of the grant that permission and support from the landowner is demonstrated once the location has been identified and before any work begins.

Do Applicants Need to Guarantee Long Term Tree Survival?

For the purposes of this funding applicants will be asked to demonstrate that they have a long term plan of community partnership and involvement which will ensure continued maintenance of the trees planted. The campaign website provides information on how to care for trees.

To contact The Big Tree Plant Funding Scheme administrator call 0800 856 798

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