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Archaeology of Bredon Hill and the Carrant Valley

Archaeological sites along the Carrant ValleyThe archaeology of Bredon Hill and the Carrant Valley is probably the wealthiest in Worcestershire. It has long been a focus for archaeological work as the map below shows. Many of these discoveries have been associated with quarrying for sand and gravel alongside the Carrant Brook. The fertile and well-drained land has attracted local communities for a long period of time, first as gatherers and hunters, and later as farmers.


Prehistoric evidence includes:

  • Palaeolithic handaxes and other stone tools from Aston Mill Quarry and Beckford Quarry,
  • Mesolithic flints from Aston Mill Quarry, Huntsman's Quarry in Kemerton and from Beckford Quarry,
  • A small Neolithic henge (hengiform) at Westmancote,
  • Late Neolithic ring-ditches - the ploughed out remains of barrows – at Aston Mill Quarry and Huntsman's Quarry, Kemerton
  • Beaker burials on Bredon Hill,
  • Beaker pits and extensive evidence for Late Bronze Age settlement at Huntsman's Quarry, Kemerton,
  • Iron Age hillforts at Kemerton Camp, Conderton Camp and possibly at Elmley Castle,
  • Iron Age farmsteads south-west of Kemerton village, at Aston Mill Quarry, and at Beckford Quarry.

Romano-British evidence includes:

  • Farmsteads at Kemerton, Aston Mill, Beckford and Ashton-under-Hill,
  • A wealthy farmstead (perhaps a villa) and other closely-spaced settlements at Nettlebeds, Elmont Field and Overbury Wood in Conderton and Overbury.

 Roman face pots from southeast WorcestershireA Roman incense lamp from southeast Worcestershire A Roman glass bead from southeast Worcestershire

Anglo-Saxon evidence includes:

  • Cemeteries at Beckford,
  • Settlements at Kemerton Water Treatment Works and Aston Mill Quarry.

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