Information and Support for Looked after Children

When a child comes into care, they become 'looked after' and Worcestershire County Council (WCC) becomes their Corporate Parent. The same is true for Care Leavers.

The term ‘Corporate Parent’ means the collective responsibility of the whole Council, elected members, employees, and partner agencies, for providing the best possible care and safeguarding for looked after children and care leavers.

Support & Services for looked after children

Worcestershire County Council leads on a range of models and plans that are put in place to support looked after children and the support services available. To find out further information about any of the plans or models of support please visit the websites below.

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Worcestershire Children First

The new company in charge of Worcestershire's Children's Services launching in October 2019.

For Children's Social Care visit

Worcestershire Children, young people and familes

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Worcestershire Children and Young People's Plan

This plan is owned by all agencies working with children, young people and families in Worcestershire.

The plan's vision is for Worcestershire to be a wonderful place for all children and young people to grow up.

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Children's Social Care Improvement Plan

Worcestershire's Social Care Improvement Plan is formed of 8 steps to improve the lives of Worcestershire's children and young people.

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The Virtual School for Looked After and Adopted Children

The Virtual School is a specialist service that aims to help looked after and adopted children to achieve by supporting their education and through improving provision in the schools Looked After Children attend.