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Search for properties by post code & property number/name:

A postcode is mandatory, but you can enter a partial postcode (a minimum of four
characters are required, eg WR5 2). The property number/name is optional. If you
enter a partial postcode, also enter a property if possible - this will restrict the number of properties returned.

  •  e.g. WR5 2NP
  •  e.g. 7 or Flat 4 or Rose Cottage

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Search for properties by selecting from a list of Worcestershire streets:

Click on the first letter of the street you wish, and the list of existing streets that start with
that letter will appear in the list below. Click to select a street, or start typing the required
street in the street name field and the nearest match will be selected from the list.

If you are unable to see the full list of streets (because JavaScript has been disabled) then please click on the following link:
Display Full List

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