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Welcome to Bayton Parish Council

Bayton Parish Council represents the villages of Bayton (including Nineveh
and Shakenhurst), most of Clows Top, all of Bayton Common and part of
Beach Hay. The total number of electors on the current Electoral Register is
434. The total number of houses is 220. Bayton borders Shropshire and Clee
Hill can be viewed from many roads running through the Parish. There is a
fine Norman Church and Clows Top has a well maintained Mission Room by
the side of the B4202 on the western side of the village. Bayton has a Junior
School and Preschool Nursery; both are very busy places, situated in a lovely
part of the Parish. Clows Top retained its PO and Shop, and is also fortunate
to have a Butchers shop which sources local meat. The Village Hall in Bayton
is well used by the School and local people.

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The BAYTON DEFIB IS IN AND READY FOR USE, IF YOU WISH TO HAVE THE CODE PLEASE CONTACT THE CLERK. Clows Top is still awaiting installation. We have an electrician ready to install new lights and connect everything. We have had new lights donated by a Clows Top resident who is in the trade, it is very generous of him. The holes by the BT Box in Clows Top are nothing to do with the Defib. but have delayed the painting. It is assumed it is to do with superfast broadband that will be available at Clows Top at some point in the near future. Thanks to you all for supporting this project
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Bayton Clows Top Clows Top Road

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