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Welcome to Tutnall and Cobley Parish Council

Welcome to the Parish Council Website of Tutnall and Cobley. Here you
will be able to find information relating to the area as well as services
that are nearest to you. If you have any suggestions for additional useful
information to be included on our website, please contact us.

This parish had medieval status in Warwickshire, Staffordshire and
Worcestershire at different times before transfering to Worcestershire
completely in 1844. It once formed the area of Bordesley Abbey. The
current parish came into being in 1894 and is one of the 151 parish and town
councils in Worcestershire and one of 20 in Bromsgrove.

St Bartholomew’s Church stands on a hill at Tardebigge, overlooking the
canal. A Norman church occupied the same site in 1138.

Tardebigge Cof E School is next to the church. The school was started by
the Plymouth family who lived at nearby Hewell Grange.

Tardebigge Community Hall opened in 2004 and is a popular venue for both
large and small groups and supports a wide variety of activities.

Worcestershire Birmingham Canal – below the church an ancient path
leads down to the canal, Tardebigge Tunnel and the 58 locks descending to

The Tardebigge Public House was once Tardebigge’s village hall, built in
1911 by the Plymouth family.

Hewell Grange – a residence has been sited here since the 1500s with
complete rebuilding taking place in 1712 and 1884. The Grange was sold to
the Crown, due to large death duties, and in 1946 became a Borstal Training
Centre. It held Young Offenders until 1991 when its role was changed to
house Category D Adult men. The buildings and some of the gardens are
Grade II Listed.

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NORTH WORCESTERSHIRE WATER MANAGEMENT are overseeing much of the local flooding, and while many complaints need to be directed to other departments / organisations we would still appreciate if you could alert us of any floods you become aware of so we can keep up-to-date records.

For any ordinary watercourse flooding, please contact NWWM on in the first instance, or for anything more urgent please call us on 01562 732 191.  We will need as much information as possible.

For any main river flooding (larger watercourses where the Environment Agency has an overseeing role) please call 0800 807 060.  If in doubt contact NWWM in the first instance.

For flooding on roads the first contact should be to Worcestershire highways as they are responsible for clearing drains, gullies and culverts under the road (note that road-side ditches may be the responsibility of the neighbouring land owner).  WCC Highways can be contacted through the following link or by calling 01905 765 765.

For any flooding which contains sewage, Severn Trent need to be contacted immediately, and a reference number should be obtained.  STW can be contacted on 0800 783 4444.  For issues with household drainage, Worcestershire Regulatory Services can be contacted on 01905 822 799.

NWWM website contains plenty of information on contact numbers, advice and website links which may be of use:

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Images of Tutnall and Cobley

1960's Arial Photo of the Parish St Bartholemew's Church Tardebigge Community Hall
St Bartholemew's Church Tardebigge Community Hall Tardebigge Wharf

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