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Welcome to Pebworth Parish Council

Pebworth Parish Council is a Quality Parish Status Council (QPS) The Council achieved the accreditation in January 2009. The accreditation demonstrates the quality of the Council’s administration and its high standard in local democracy. Meetings are held on the first Monday each month and are open to the public who can participate in open forum, agendas are available from the Clerk on request.

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Plan Vision Statement

 Pebworth Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Vision and Objectives

Version 5


The following vision and objectives have been defined by the desires and aspirations expressed by the local community.


 In 2030 we want Pebworth to be the thriving, vibrant and distinctive rural parish that it is today. This means that Pebworth will continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of its parishioners and reflect the views of its community. It will provide the outstanding quality of life enjoyed by today’s residents, such as a safe environment that supports its historical integrity and natural beauty and encourage the inclusion of all social groups.   


1.    to develop a thriving, prosperous and sustainable rural  community, and encourage a wide demographic range of parishioners residing within the  village:

a)    by providing a limited number of new  high quality homes in the order of 12 to meet identified local needs including a greater range of affordable houses to meet the continuing needs of the parishioners including smaller 2 bedroomed houses for young families, downsizing options for elderly people and single person units. To also offer a small number of market bungalows for elderly parishioners wishing to downsize.

b)    by promoting Pebworth First School and supporting the re-establishment of a Pre-school

c)     by encouraging a regular public transport link (i.e. twice a week) to Bidford allowing access to health clinic, dentists, post office, supermarket, and leisure activities, while reducing traffic volumes.

d)    by pursuing high-speed  broadband connection to encourage more home based and self employed businesses in the parish

e)    by supporting a strong local economy and the retention of existing employers

f)      by supporting the retention and improvement of existing services and facilities within the village.


2.    to encourage residents of all ages to live active and healthy lives:

a)    by increasing and encouraging leisure activities, especially for young people with greater use of the recreation field

b)    by supporting better access to health services with a public transport link to Bidford, and occasional use of village hall for clinics

c)     by providing allotments and by considering a community orchard

d)    by protecting the existing and adding where appropriate open spaces and maintaining footpaths

e)    by maintaining and enhancing the children’s play area on The Close with the addition of new activity equipment.


3.    to protect and enhance the special character of the Parish :  

a)    by ensuring that any new development takes place within the existing village confine and not in the surrounding open countryside

b)    by ensuring that any new development conserves and enhances  the built and  historic environment, and respects the setting and integrity of the Conservation Area and other historic features

c)     by conserving  and enhancing the  natural environment including  the surrounding open countryside, ancient hedgerows and trees, and important green spaces within the village

d)    by encouraging biodiversity and nature conservation projects


4.    to provide a safe, clean environment for all residents

a)      by establishing traffic calming measures, e.g. 20 mph speed limit, and a 7 ton weight limit within the Pebworth village boundary

b)      by extending the footpath to Middlesex

c)      by ensuring flood prevention measures are included in any developments and improvements, to alleviate flooding in Broad Marston and the Elm Close / Friday Street areas.

d)      by encouraging off-road parking and ensuring all new build homes have an off road parking provision


5.    To promote a healthy and inclusive community which enables good social-interaction:

a)      by supporting established and encouraging new organisations that create and provide a sense of community

b)      by supporting improvements to the village hall as community hub

c)      by using the parish newsletters and websites to increase the levels of community awareness and cohesion

d)      to support St Peters Church with any plans to provide improved facilities e.g. toilets, kitchens, and disabled access

e)      by establishing a wider Neighbourhood Watch scheme

f)       by extending the capacity and facilities of the village hall for social, leisure activities, educational classes, internet access, and provision of local medical service


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St Peters New Fire Station April 2011 (3) New Fire Station April 2011 (1)
St Peters New Fire Station April 2011 (2) Members and the Clerk with QPS certificate

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